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TabiaNchi Climate Action Centre – Community-led climate resilience initiative by The Demography Project

Amplifying Voices Towards Community Climate Resilience

tabianchi is Swahili for climate change. This is a media information series documenting the impact of climate change on peri-urban and rural communities in Kenya, and how these communities are responding to the new normal. 

Climate Data Portal

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Ongoing Projects

It is time Kenya had a Civil Defence Plan
By The Demographer | |
Climate change has rendered humanity vulnerable to extreme weather events and governments globally must rethink how to protect vulnerable communities from natural calamities.
Why The Paris Agreement Is Important To Kenya
By The Demographer | |
On April 26th 2016, Kenya joined 193 states in signing the Paris Agreement. Six years later, let's look at the Agreement and what was in it for the country.
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